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youssoupha sidibe

Hailing from Senegal, West Africa is Grammy Award nominated Youssoupha Sidibe. Though he currently resides in Amherst, Massachusetts, he continues to share the story of his West African heritage through his music. 

There are few instruments that can stand alone with no vocals or percussion. Sometimes it is the musician who imbues the instrument with dimension, while other times, the instrument itself is so powerful that it carries its own rich soul and the musician is but a puppeteer. In the case of Sidibe, both instances are true. 

On his album Sacred Sound, Sidibe showcases both his skill as a musician and the ancient soul that his instrument possesses. The 21-string African harp known as a Kora, has been his extra appendage for over 20 years. He studied with a traditional Kora instructor as well as at the National Music Conservatory of Senegal receiving both a private and formal education of the instrument. Sidibe’s love for and dedication to this indigenous African instrument has transcended his native land and made the transatlantic journey to the U.S.