timeless gypsy

Timeless Gypsy is a unique flow of instrumental music distilled from a broad spectrum of life experiences. Such memories include bluegrass festivals as a youth, marching band in college, congolese drum camp immersion, latin-jazz ensembles, studio recording sessions and festival performances with multi-instrumental groups.

My songs often start with a simple ditty written on the banjo, flute or steel drums from where they eventually evolve into a rich tapestry of sound. The term timeless is appropriate because of the fusion of instruments such as brazilian berimbau, kalimba, bansuri and silver flutes, five string banjo, steel drums, percussion, saxophone and didgeridoo which are woven together with electronic samples and midi instrumentation.

Being raised in a musical family kept me on the move and constantly changed my influences and musical interests which has led me to my own definition of gypsy. The old traditions of passing down musical knowledge through community resonates deeply in my heart and strengthens ones ability to speak the universal language of music.

As I began to mature in my playing, I was drawn to eastern scales and dissonant harmonies that pulled me out of the normal western modes and rhythms. Although there are no definitive lyrics to these songs, I feel that the essence of the music calls in a unification of cultures and a freedom of expression that evokes healing.