This yum-flavored somatic movement practice has its rich, 10 year history rooted at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA where facilitator / teacher PJ Novotny began weaving elements of contact improv and live, unscripted soundscapes into the ecstatic dance environment.  

A bit about PJ:

  • * executive producer

  • * facilitates and teaches somatic dialogue @ the Esalen Research Institute

  • * co-produces with Ryan Herr of one of the best kept secret events in the global ecstatic dance community:  YUM sessions ~ a trilogy of soul motion, contact improv & 5 rhythms paired with live, improvisational soundscapes ♡

  • * A Dad with 2 kids and an Uncle to another 24 young adults ♡

  • * music video editor & producer

  • * talent scout for Studio 620 and Modern Loud Corporation

  • * With gratitide to his Irish Catholic upbringing he has been studying MSMO* since early adolescence  

* multisomatamourphousology