erina love


Aligned Life Tai Chi uses the principles of Tai Chi Chuan to bring awareness to posture, movement, and energy flow. Through individual chi-cultivating exercises, Yang short form, and push hands partner work, you will open the channels of transformation and harness your healing power. With practice and willingness to discover oneself; vitality and life-force can be enhanced; resulting in the conscious balance and alignment of body, mind, and spirit. Musical facilitation by Shamans Dream.

Erina Love is a licensed physical therapist, group facilitator, dancer, poet and a devoted practitioner of healing movement arts. Her teaching and practicing philosophy is that true healing only occurs when the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical realms align to create the clarity of one’s whole self. In this way, health and happiness or inextricably entwined. Helping others discover their own optimal health and happiness is Erina’s passion; which has inspired her to offer the transformative power of Tai Chi and Ecstatic Embodiment to festivals and retreats across the globe. She has shared her knowledge at the Ecstatic Dance Retreat, Hawaii Tantra Festival and Flow Fest in Hawaii; Envision in Costa Rica; Bali Spirit Fest and Ancient Earth Festival in Bali; Beloved and the Global Eclipse Gathering in Oregon; Imagine on Orcas Island, Washington; Lucidity, SoulPlay, Lightning in a Bottle, Enchanted Forest, StillDream, Symbiosis, and at Esalen Institute in California.