Polish ambassador & the diplomatic scandal

After a dozen albums and countless gigs around the world, The Polish Ambassador has docked the mothership outside the embassy where quite possibly the largest Diplomatic Scandal the world has ever seen is slowly seeping its way into headlines around the globe.

An amalgamation of funky beats, retro synths, and live instrumentation make up the bulk of this controversial story. TPA first came across special agent “Teal Pulse” (Ryan Herr) in 2015 while traveling the high terrain of Colorado. After a few years of scheming, planning and interstellar travels they encountered special agent Mr. Pink (Tyson Leonard) and The Purpetrator (Jesse James).  Before long a scandal was born. Pulling from over a decade of musical styles and nuances explored by TPA in his music, The Polish Ambassador and The Diplomatic Scandal are closing the gaps between live and electronic.